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Zagreb & Padova

Updates from Zagreb and Padova.  I just spent a wonderful time with friends in Zagreb, playing for old friends from when I studied at University of Oslo.  This whole trip is speckled with people from that trip, which is awesome!  Zagreb, is beautiful.  Let me describe it shortly.  Social drinking, although a worldwide thing is such an important part of every day.  Meat is the centerpiece in every meal.  You’re damned if you don’t have some, especially if a guy named “Grizzly” with a buzz cut and a rat tail is cooking it!  Seriously.  One other thing I noticed was the essence on family.  It’s common for people to live with their families up until they are married, and it’s not a strange thing.  It’s economical and practical.  Very cool.

I took a bus from Rijeka, Croatia to Pula, Croatia way late at night, then off by bus through Slovenia and up into Italy.  I saw a bit of Venice and moved on to Padova, where I played in conjunction with Macello Festival.  Very fun, lots of great acts.  Really dug Bob Corn and Three In One Gentelmen Suit.

Off too Paris now!


Tour dates are up.  I finally made time to post them, from a cafe in Budapest.

I took time today to visit the Parliament Building and walked the Buda side of the town to see little shops, enjoy the view from Castle Buda, and get an overall feel for the city.  The people here are wonderful and there is so much night life.  Tonight is the first gig at Szimplakert in Budapest, Hungary.  I’ll be heading to Zagreb, Croatia on Sunday…maybe a gig to come there too…but I’m most looking forward to seeing my old roommate from my days at Univeristy of Oslo, Norway,  Karlo!

More to come…pictures etc when my internet connection isn’t so faulty.

New shows up

May 25 at Bombs Away Cafe in Corvallis

May 26th at Jimmy Mak’s in Portland

Check the shows page for all the info.

Show in Hood River OR tomorrow night!

Cebo Lounge in Hood River OR with The Parson Red Heads!
Norman 9pm
Parson Red Heads at 10:30


Change of plans

Looks like we will only be headed to Boise this year around SXSW time. Maybe next year.

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