Germany week 2

Four weeks into tour, jeez almost five actually, and things only seem to be getting easier, which could be my mind is just playing tricks on me.  Usually tour can be an exhausting task, but the crew at Songs and Whispers has done a stellar job in organizing things and keeping both Paul and me current on all the happenings.

I have to say I’m a bit disappointed that Germany lost the game to Italy last night in the Semi’s for the Euro Cup.  However, Germany fans in the NW of Germany will have another week and a half of shows to look forward to instead.
Yesterday was a great experience, and a highlight of the tour.  I had the chance to work with the music students at Altes Gymnasium in Bremen on a couple of my songs, and lead a workshop on song writing.  I’ve been involved in 3 of these workshops and all of them have been nothing short of amazing.  There is nothing more wonderful than sharing the gift of music with other people.  That’s what being a musician is all about.  Working with kids and giving them the opportunity to meet with and ask questions of a touring musician from another country is such a unique experience.  I wish I would have had that opportunity as a student.  Very awesome kids with amazing talent.  I’ve made friends for life with some of the students.  We’ll keep in touch and I’ll continue to work with them on their song writing, sharing music, and listening to their progress.
I’ve got to close this blog for today, as I am in a rush to get out the door to drive Ostrittrum toplay at Hof Schweers.  Looking forward to playing a farm!  I’ll be in touch.
Check out this video of me rehearsing with the students at Altes Gymnasium and ENJOY!  —

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