Germany and The Netherlands part 1

I’m having a such a wonderful time touring this part of the world. Sharing the tour with Paul Creane and his band of wonderful Irish brothers has been nothing short of amazing. I had an absolute blast yesterday working with students at School Voor De Kunsten in Groningen, Netherlands, where I lead a workshop on songwriting and song craft. It’s such an exciting thing to see such a dedication by young people to all forms of art and music, and a school program that is completely dedicated to the arts. It was an honor to share their classroom and play for them as well.

After visiting the school I spent time in a part of the old side of Groningen, checking out the record shops. Oh man, I found a particularly great one that carried tons of 60′s psych called “The Magic Buzz” and picked up a couple of comps. I totally recommend going there if you find yourself in Groningen. The owner is wonderful and knowledgable. I waited outside Kroeg van Klaas for it to open from across the street at a little cafe, where I traded playing a couple of my songs (by request) for a cup of coffee and a glass of wine. Locals gathered around and sure enough, before long people on bicycles were stopping to catch a listen. Pictures were taken, laughs were had and so many good memories.

After playing a comfortable set at Kroeg van Klaas for some locals and even some of the students that stopped by from the school, I packed up to drive back to Bremen for the night. One thing I’ll always remember is the kindness of the bartender, and looking back at the bar from across the street, hearing the echo of my music, “Hay, Hay, Make a Wish” playing over the bar stereo. I’m living one of my life dreams, spreading my music all across the land. Thanks for listening. I’ll update again soon! Cheers, Eric

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